LOST HIGHWAY NAVIGATORS feature a made-to-measure collection of veteran Saskatchewan roots musicians led by award-winning songwriter, guitarist and harmonica journeyman Patton MacLean.

This core of this engine is acoustic: upright bass (JAY METHERAL), pedal steel (JODY GIESBRECHT),  rhythm guitar and harmonica (PATTON MACLEAN), and telecaster (GUY PERRIN). The music is seductively simple- for dancing, toe tapping, or singing along, except when briefly broken by rasping lament or echoing instrumental.

"We call it 'interstellar honkytonk'. We're driving backroads where the only sound is our diesel engine rolling in the darkness under the stars. It's Saskatchewan."

LHN fire it up, and couples start dancing, people tap their feet, kids (of all ages) light up.

"We play simple, old-fashioned, swallow-and-grin honkytonk music."

"It's music for the whole family, just maybe not every family."



Nesslin Lake Cookshack, July 2, 2017

Nesslin Lake Cookshack, July 2, 2017